Returning from His trip to Tyre and Sidon, Jesus climbed a hill by the Sea of Galilee, and sat down. A vast crowd gathered around Him, as people brought their friends and relatives to Him for healing.The lame, the blind, the crippled, those unable to speak, and many others were brought into His presence and laid down before Him.  Jesus healed them all.

There was no condition so bad He could not cure it. He refused no one based on their past, their failures. Were some in need of healing because of bad choices they had made themselves? Perhaps, but the record stands; He healed them all.

Interestingly, those who received healing that day were “brought to Jesus, and laid before Him” by others. Lame  or crippled people had to be carried, the blind needed someone to lead them, those who couldn’t speak at least had someone who’d taken the trouble to communicate with them that Jesus could be reached. Certainly in other records of Jesus’ healing, He recognized the faith and love of those who had brought the sick to Him for healing.

Today, Jesus still heals. There is no sickness, no addiction, no heartbreak even, beyond His power to heal. There is no sin so terrible that He has not already paid the price of forgiveness on the cross.

Today, too, there are still those who bring the needy into Jesus’ presence to be healed. Some carry others there in prayer. Some spread the news that Jesus is available with power to heal. Some will take a hurting soul by the hand, and lead him to Jesus. Those who have been healed by Jesus are helping others find the same healing. The need is as great now as it was two thousand years ago. May Jesus find many who are willing to  keep bringing the sick to Him for healing.

As Jesus healed every one who was brought to Him, the amazement of the crowd grew and grew; the lame were walking, the blind could see, the dumb could speak! “And they praised the God of Israel!”


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