“The Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven,” Jesus told His disciples,” will be preached throughout the whole world. All nations will hear it. And then the end will come.”

Before He returned to His Father in Heaven, Jesus laid on His disciples the mission of preaching the Gospel to the world. And for nearly two thousand years, the Good News has been going forth throughout the earth.

The first great proclamation, after the resurrection of Jesus, occurred at Pentecost, when Peter preached to a great crowd of Jews. They were gathered in Jerusalem that day, from all over the Roman empire. They had just heard the one hundred twenty disciples from the upper room proclaiming the wonderful things God had done– every man hearing these wonders in his own native language! The preaching that day to the crowd of Jews, by the Grace of God, produced a crowd of missionaries, each taking the Gospel home to his own country.

There followed a great persecution, which God used to spread the believers out from Jerusalem, taking the Gospel with them. Then came the great missionary journeys of Paul, reaching thousands who had never heard the Good News before.

The spread of the Gospel has continued. There have been great preachers like George Whitefield, whose voice could reach twenty thousand in open-air preaching; there were hunted fugitives like William Tyndale, who worked in secret to translate the Word of God into the language of the common man; others, like George Mueller, started orphanages, bringing both the compassion and the teachings of Christ to thousands of children.

Today, Jesus’ disciples are still called to participate in spreading His Gospel. Some are called to preach, some to sing, some to write, and some simply to “let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.

Some are called as missionaries to faraway lands; some to minister in prisons; some, to bring the compassion and the teachings of Christ to the needy in their own city or province. Some are called to support missions financially, some to support with prayer, and some to share with others the skills and talents God has given them.

Wherever you are, whatever your capacity, if you willingly offer your heart and your life to Jesus, He will fit you into the perfect place He has for you in His great plan to spread the Good News to all nations on this earth.


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