As the time of the Passover arrived, Jesus’ disciples came to Him with a question. “Where would you like us to prepare the Passover meal?”

Jesus sent two of them into the city of Jerusalem. “As you enter,” He said, “you will meet a certain man. Tell him, the Teacher says ‘My time has come, and I will eat the Passover meal with My disciples at your house.'”

The disciples did as Jesus instructed them; they met the man Jesus had prepared for them to meet, were shown a furnished upstairs room, and they prepared the last Passover meal Jesus was to share with them while still on earth.

Throughout Scripture, Old and New Testament alike, we find that the leading of God, the leading of Jesus, and the leading of the Holy Spirit is given one step at a time, and that it is based on a trusting relationship between God and the person He is leading. Abraham was told to leave Ur, and go to “a place that I (God) will show you”. As Abraham took this step and left on his journey, he found that God was with him, directing him, wherever he went.

Or take Philip, told by the Holy Spirit to walk south on a certain road. As he did so, he saw a chariot; the Spirit told him to go to the chariot. As a result of Philip’s obedience, a high official from Ethiopia was converted and took home the Gospel to his country.

Jesus does not tell us our whole life story all at once. But He does tell us to abide in Him; He promises never to leave us. And once we have taken the step He puts before us today, He is still with us to tell us the next step.


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