So far, in Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians, we have seen that God is building up His beautiful family, and Jesus Christ is making His home in our hearts. Paul continued his prayer; “Your roots will grow down into God’s love, and keep you strong.”

For all of my adult life, I have worked in a professional plant-growing business, as well as being a home gardener. It is almost impossible to  overstate the importance of a healthy, strong, deep root system to all types of plants. I have heard it said that a tree is supported by as large a root system underground as it has trunk, branches, and leaves above ground. Many plants will die back to the ground in the fall, storing up all their energy in the roots; only to burst forth again in the spring, every year bigger and fuller than the last.

Paul prayed that our roots would grow deep into God’s love, anchoring us there, giving us strength to face whatever comes our way. God’s love is the perfect nutrition for our souls, making us grow stronger, deeper, wider, and more secure in Him. The soul that is rooted deeply in God’s love can withstand the times of testing. When circumstances seem to shout “God has abandoned you”, he responds from deep within ” I am not abandoned, for He has promised to be with me always.”

The relationship between Jesus and His church has been compared in the New Testament to the relationship between husband and wife. When a couple is secure in each other’s love, a thousand possible questions are never asked, because they know the depth of each other’s love. And when we are deeply rooted in God’s love, a thousand questions are answered simply,”I know His love for me.” Knowing His love, being deeply rooted in it, growing stronger day by day, we will also be able to strengthen others as they see our lives and hear our testimony.



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