In His nighttime conversation with Nicodemus, Jesus told him that God’s love for the world was so great that, rather than sending His Son to judge and condemn the world, He sent His Son to save the world. All who believe in the Son of God are safe from condemnation; those who refuse to believe, remain in judgment.

The basis for this judgment, Jesus said, is that the Light of God has come into the world, but men loved their darkness rather than the Light, because of their evil deeds. Those who do evil, He said, hate light and refuse even to go near it, for the light will expose their sins. Those who do righteousness, however, come to the light, showing others the work of God in their lives.

One of the chief complaints of the religious leaders in Jesus’ day was that He was so friendly with such awful people. Tax collectors, prostitutes and other sinners came to Jesus, the Light of God in this dark world; those who came and believed were saved, and became witnesses to the transforming work of God in a human life.

The brilliant rays of God’s Light, however, showed up by contrast the false light of the self righteous. Many of Israel’s religious leaders hated Jesus, just as He said, because His Light showed up their evil. To them, Jesus said that even their blindness was not held against them as sin; but they remained in their sin because, even in the presence of the Light of God, they insisted that they could see by their own light.

The salvation of God through Jesus Christ is available to the whole world; those who come to the Light, though it will show up their sin, find to their delight that the Light also shows the transforming work of God in their lives.

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