After healing a man at the pool of Bethesda one Sabbath, Jesus had found Himself confronted by the religious authorities of the day. They were harassing Him for “breaking the Sabbath”, but when He told them He was doing the works of God His Father, their anger turned to a murderous hatred. Jesus had just told them that His Father had given Him the power to raise the dead.Jesus then told them that His Father judges no man, but has given the Son absolute authority to judge. This is so that all will honor the Son, as they honor the Father; for anyone who will not honor the Son is certainly not honoring the Father Who sent Him.

The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, we are told in Proverbs, and the fact that we have a completely righteous, holy, sinless judge brings the Fear of God to sinful men. As Peter preached at Pentecost that Jesus, who had been crucified by the Jews, is now alive and the final judge of all men, the Fear of God came upon the crowd of his listeners. “What must we do?” they cried out.

And then, we discover that Jesus is not only our Judge; He is also our Savior. The Righteous sentence for all our sins has indeed been paid, not by us but by Him. Those who believe in Him and obey Him, thereby claiming His payment for all sin as the payment for our own sins, are declared righteous by the Judge of all. In fact, Jesus is not only our judge; He is our advocate, our lawyer, as John tells us in his epistle.

As our Judge, Jesus is completely just. As our Savior, He saves “to the uttermost.” And as our lawyer, He can never lose in court.

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