“I tell you the truth,” Jesus declared, “those who listen to my message and believe in God Who sent Me have Eternal Life. They will never be condemned for their sins, but have already passed from death into life.” John 5:24 NLT

This promise of Jesus should bring assurance to many timid souls. It is a direct quote from Jesus Himself, and He has sealed it with His own personal guarantee that it is the truth.

The first condition here is that we hear His message. Certainly thousands of people heard His message when He preached in the hills of Galilee and the temple of Jerusalem. Jesus was a superb evangelist; and He trained and equipped His disciples to spread the good news. Not only the twelve, but at one point, He sent out seventy disciples to spread His message. In His great prayer to His Father recorded in John 17, Jesus specifically prays not only for the eleven disciples in the room with Him, but for “all those who will ever believe in Me through their message.”

Jesus has had His words recorded, and translated into thousands of languages so that all can be included in those that hear His message. We can daily listen to His message, by reading His word, and asking Him, Who is alive and present with us, to speak to us through His word.

Coupled with the hearing of His message, though, comes the imperative to believe– believe in the God who sent Him. And since Jesus and His Father are one, believing in the Father implicitly involves believing in Jesus. Believing does not mean that we understand everything; it does mean that we stake our lives and our eternal futures on His Person, on His Character,  and on His words.

Those who listen to His message, and who believe on God Who sent Him, have escaped forever condemnation for all our sins. We have been raised out of death into Eternal Life. Praise Him forever!



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