Jesus had just told the Jewish leaders He was speaking with that life does not come from searching the Scriptures; life comes from Him. He then told them that their approval would mean nothing to Him, because they did not have God’s love in their hearts. He had come to them in the Name of His Father, and they had rejected Him.Yet when others would come in their own name, Jesus told them, they would gladly welcome them. “No wonder you can’t believe!” He said. “For you gladly honor each other, but don’t care about the honor that comes from God alone.”

Jesus came to earth in His Father’s Name. He did HIs Father’s deeds and spoke His Father’s Words. He revealed His Father’s heart, and the way of life in His Father’s Kingdom. And His own people, to whom He had come, rejected Him.

As Jesus’ followers, when we speak in His Name or do service in His Name, we, too, must be prepared to be rejected by the world. Jesus told His disciples, rather plainly, that the world loves its own, but the world hated Him and would also hate His Followers.

Jesus also pointed out to the Jews that, because they sought honor from each other, and did not care about the honor that comes only from God, they could not believe God. So we, as followers of Jesus, have the privilege of believing in Him and receiving salvation, as we live in His Name and seek His approval above all other approvals.

And one day, when we hear His words, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” we will not remember the pain of rejection on earth. We will live in His joy forever.

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