After they had all been fed from five loaves of bread and two small fish, the huge crowd realized what had happened. Jesus had the power to feed the hungry from whatever He had on hand. “This must be the Prophet who is coming!” they said, and the groundswell of voices and opinion grew and grew until they had decided to force Jesus to become their king.

So Jesus slipped away from them, into the hills.The disciples went down to the shore to wait for Jesus, but, as darkness fell and He still had not come, they got into the boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. A sudden gale swept in, making the seas extremely rough. The disciples toiled on for three or four miles.

Suddenly, they saw Jesus, walking on the water towards them, and they were terrified of the unexpected and the unknown. But Jesus called out to them, His voice calm and well-known and well-loved. “Don’t be afraid; I AM here.” And as they eagerly helped Him into the boat, they found themselves immediately at their destination.

While Jesus walked this earth, He remained completely within the Will and timing of His Father. He was, in fact, the King of Israel; yet, on that hillside across the Sea of Galilee on that particular night, it was not the Father’s will that He be recognized as the King. That event would take place much later, in His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, according to the Will of God foretold by the prophets.

And for us, even if we know something to be the will of God for our lives, yet the timing remains in His Hands. It is our job to abide in Him, to be ready when the time comes. And, as we have read in this story, His Hands are completely capable– He can feed multitudes, He can walk on water, He can even transport us immediately to the place of His choosing. Nothing is too hard for Him, and our work is to wait on Him.

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