Jesus had remained in Galilee after some of His relatives had tried to convince Him to come with them to the  festival in Jerusalem, and there to publicly demonstrate His miraculous power as proof of Who He was. Although any time was right for them, Jesus had replied, His time had not yet arrived.

And there was quite a stir at the festival about Jesus, Who had not yet arrived. The religious leaders were looking for Him, diligently inquiring whether anyone had seen Him. There was a strong undercurrent of discussion in the crowds, too, ranging from “He’s a good man” to  “He’s a fraud who deceives the people.”  But Jesus had no strong public supporters– everyone was too afraid of the religious leaders for that.And suddenly, halfway through the festival, Jesus appeared in the Temple, teaching. Having waited for His Father’s timing, He had avoided all the searching and questions and discussions at the beginning of the festival, and He was not to be found among His relatives when they had arrived in Jerusalem.

The crowds that listened to Him in the temple were astonished. How, they wondered, could a man so obviously uneducated speak such words of wisdom. Sensing this, Jesus said “My message is not my own; it comes from God Who sent Me.”

Here again, we find that Jesus was the perfect representative of His Father. To the astonished people listening to His gracious and truthful words, so unexpected from His rough north-country appearance, He said simply that His message was from God, not from Himself. Having followed His Father’s timetable in traveling to the festival, He had avoided all the initial commotion about Himself, and was now in the temple, with the full attention of the crowds, delivering a message from God to them.


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