“You are truly My disciples if you remain faithful to My teachings,” Jesus had said. “And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” John 8:31,32 NLT

The Jews who heard Jesus greeted His announcement with skepticism. “We are descendants of Abraham, and have never been anyone’s slaves. What do you mean by saying we will be set free?”And Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth. Everyone who sins is a slave of sin. A slave is not a permanent member of the family, but a son is part of the family forever. So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” John 8:34-36 NLT

Quoting extensively from the Old Testament Scriptures,  in Romans chapter 3, Paul makes a solid case that there is not a single man who is righteous. All have sinned. Jesus’ pronouncement that everyone who sins is a slave of sin, includes all of mankind as slaves of sin.

Sin is an awful taskmaster. Jesus says here that slaves have no permanent part in the family. And Paul says that sin pays out wages…. that is, death.

But Jesus did not stop there. He contrasted the life of a slave with the life of a son– a part of the family, He said, forever! And if the Son, that is, Jesus Himself, will make a man free, that man is truly free.

Jesus is offering to make men sons, with Himself, in the eternal Family of God His Father, in exchange for the bitter slavery of sin. This unprecedented offer has been made to all men, for all were the slaves of sin. And, once set free by the powerful hand of Jesus, the Son of God, a man is truly and completely free!



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