Many of the Jews who heard Jesus speaking in the Temple took offense when He said that the Truth would set men free. They were, they said, Abraham’s children, and never had been slaves to anyone.

Jesus responded that, despite their ancestry, some of them were seeking to kill Him. “There is no room in your hearts for My message,” He said.Jesus said that He had been telling them what He had seen while with His Father, but that they were following the advice of their father. Their father certainly was not Abraham, he said; otherwise they would follow his example. Instead, they were trying to kill Jesus for speaking the truth to them, something Abraham would never have done.

“There is no room in your hearts for My message,” He had said. Jesus had come from His Father on a mission of mercy, with a life-giving message from His Father for all of mankind. Yet there was continually “No room” for Him. There was no room in the inn for Him to be born. He was not received by His own people, to whom He had come. The people of Nazareth tried to throw Him over a cliff, because He had told them that He was the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophesy. The religious leaders hated Him because He did not fit their controlled religion, and continually pointed out their own hypocrisy. And many of His own disciples could not bear some of His hard sayings.

Yet all of them claimed to be Abraham’s children. But Jesus pointed out that, by our lives, we display whose children we are. His life and message showed Him to be the Son of God. There were some true children of Abraham, who did receive His message and believe in Him, even as Abraham believed in God. And there were some, children of the devil, who hated Jesus, had no room in their hearts for His message, and sought to kill Him.

As we go through life today, may our lives clearly show that we are children of God!

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