The man who had been given the gift of sight after having been blind from birth had stood up for Jesus, Who had healed him. As a result, He was expelled from the synagogue by the Pharisees who ruled it.

Jesus heard this, and went looking for him until He had found him.“Do you believe in the Son of Man?” Jesus asked him.

“Who is He, sir?” he replied, “I want to believe in Him!”

“You have seen Him,” Jesus responded, “and He is speaking to you.”

“Yes, Lord! I believe,” he replied. And he worshipped Jesus.

In how short a space of time had this man’s life been completely transformed! On the Sabbath, he had been sitting by the wayside, begging, as he had for years and years. He’d never seen a face, never seen a sunset, never seen a flower. He was blind from birth, and those who looked at him either had pity or judgment for him– for what sin was his blindness the punishment?

Then Jesus had come by, put  clay on his eyes, told him to wash, and was gone. He had done as instructed, and discovered to his great joy that he could see! But, because his healing had happened on the Sabbath, he’d been called to a trial before the Pharisees.  Disgusted with their nitpicking and attacking the character of his benefactor, he’d stood up for Jesus and told them what he thought of them. As a result, he’d been kicked out of the synagogue.

But Jesus came looking for Him. Giving him a chance to believe, Jesus had found him eager and willing to believe. And, in that moment of belief in Jesus, the man who had been born blind had passed from death into life. Jesus had promised that He would not reject any that came to Him; the man who had received his sight was now welcomed into Jesus’ fold.

He had new sight, and he had new life, Eternal Life.

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