Jesus continued His teaching about the Good Shepherd. “After He has gathered His own flock, He walks ahead of them; and they follow Him, because they know His voice. They won’t follow a stranger; they will run from him, because they don’t know his voice.” John 10:4,5 NLTEven so Jesus, the Good Shepherd, gathers His own sheep together. They come from all over the world, different nations, different languages, different tribes. They are all different types of people, too, with wide ranging personalities. But all have heard His call, and come to Him.

He leads His sheep out through the open door of the sheepfold to the pastures He has chosen for them. Notice that he walks ahead of His sheep. Every step of the way in your life, Jesus has walked before you. He completely understands your joys and sorrows, your peace and your anguish, the easy times and the difficult times, the overflowing gladness and your deepest heartache. He has gone before us.

His sheep follow Him, because they know His voice. This means both that He is near, and that He is speaking. His voice brings encouragement, comfort, correction, and joy. It reminds us that we are His, and that He is with us, and that nothing else matters.

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