After Jesus had told Martha the stunning news that He Himself is the Resurrection, she went to find Mary in the house, while Jesus remained on the road outside the village.

“The Master has come,” she told Mary privately, “and is asking to see you.” So Mary left the house immediately to go to Jesus.Seeing her leave so suddenly, the mourners assumed she was going to Lazarus’ tomb to weep again, so they followed her. When Mary arrived and saw Jesus, she fell at His feet, weeping. “Lord,” she sobbed, “If You’d only been here, my brother would not have died.”

Jesus saw Mary weeping, and all the mourners who had followed her weeping as well, He was deeply troubled, groaning inwardly. “Where have you laid him?” He asked.

“Come and see, Lord,” they responded, and as they went towards Lazarus’ tomb, Jesus began to weep. “Look how much He loved him!” exclaimed the onlookers. “This man, Who gave sight to a blind man, couldn’t He have prevented Lazarus from dying?”

So Jesus, still deeply troubled, arrived at the grave. He was Life Himself, but no one recognized Him. Who in all that company really believed in Him? They could see His obvious love for Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. They could debate whether His healing powers were sufficient to prevent the death of a terminally ill man. But where was the real faith in Him, the recognition that He is the Son of God, and nothing is impossible for Him?

How many times throughout the Gospels, as Jesus was about to heal someone, did He ask them “Do you believe that I can do this?”  Many more times, the actions of the sick person or his friends demonstrated faith; and it is recorded that Jesus, seeing this faith, healed them.

But as the crowd collected around Lazarus’ tomb, where was the faith? Who expected Lazarus to be raised from the dead? Many believed that Jesus could have healed Lazarus if only He’d been present before he died; how sad it was that He couldn’t be. And now, the Resurrection and the Life was standing among them, unrecognized. Jesus wept.

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