” My Words are not My own, ” Jesus continued. “What I am telling you is from the Father Who sent Me. I am telling you these things now, while I am still with you.”

“But when the Father sends the Advocate as My representative– that is, the Holy Spirit– He will teach you everything, and will remind you of everything I have told you.” John 14:24-26 NLT

As Jesus prepared to leave His disciples and return to His Father, He spent a good deal of time teaching them, preparing them for His departure. They were, surely, pretty shaken up– He’d told them He was leaving, and that He was being betrayed by one of them. How could they hope to remember everything He was teaching them?

But Jesus was ahead of them in this situation as well. He promised them the Holy Spirit, to remind them of everything He had told them– not only in the last few hours during and after the Passover meal, but also in the last three years they had travelled together throughout Galilee and Judea and beyond the Jordan. How many times the Gospel writers tell us that the disciples did not understand an event that was happening until after Jesus was resurrected!

Not only would the Holy Spirit remind the disciples of what Jesus had told them, He would also continue to teach them. “He will teach you everything,” Jesus had said.

Today, thousands and millions have received the gift of the Holy Spirit from the Father. No longer is there a single human representative of God the Father walking in a single country on earth, proclaiming the teachings of God to all within sound of His voice. The Holy Spirit whispers the words of God with their meanings, and the individual leading of God for each soul to the listening ears of thousands of His saints, from one side of the globe to the other.


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