Jesus continued His prayer to His Father, gathered together with the eleven disciples after their last Passover meal together.

“I brought glory to You here on earth,” He prayed, “by completing the work You gave Me to do. Now, Father, bring Me into the glory We shared before the world began.” John 17:4-5 NLT

Throughout His ministry, Jesus always referred to His Father. He only spoke His Father’s words, only did His Father’s works. He revealed His Father to Israel, but particularly to His disciples. He constantly told them of His Father’s love and care– His Father, Who knew when every sparrow fell, Who knew even the number of hairs each person has. He invited them to share His Father, told them to begin their prayers with “Our Father in Heaven.”

Jesus had done everything to bring glory to His Father. One could not watch His life and listing to His preaching without seeing the glory of God.

And now, His work on earth was almost finished. Even as He prayed, Judas was preparing the posse for His arrest. The cross was looming near, and Jesus longed to be again re-united with His Father. He had shared the glory of God in Heaven, worshipped by uncounted angels, shining brighter than the sun. But He had left all of that behind, spending thirty-three years as a lowly carpenter-turned-preacher in a troubled small province on the edges of the Roman Empire. Through it all, He had remained faithful to His Father in every detail, glorifying Him at every turn in His life. And now, how ready He was to return to His Father in Glory!

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