Paul had just established that love is the one indispensable characteristic in the life of  a true follower of Jesus; that without love, neither angelic eloquence, nor surpassing religious knowledge, nor exceptional Christian works have any meaning. He now goes on to describe this love. “Love is patient and kind,” he said.Jesus Himself is the perfect picture of the Love of God. For three years, He demonstrated the amazing kindness and compassion of God as he healed the sick, fed the hungry, and taught them all about His Father’s Kingdom. For three years, He patiently taught His disciples, in spite of their lack of understanding.

Jesus once told the story of a landowner, who was walking his property one day and found a fruit tree without fruit. Knowing that it had not produced fruit in past years, either, he said to his gardener, “Cut it down. It’s just a waste of space.”

But the gardener asked him for one more year. “Let me dig around it, and fertilize it well,” he said. “If all of that fails, if it doesn’t bear after another year, we can dispose of it.”

Many of us have personally received the amazing patience and love of Jesus for our souls. This patience is coupled with an amazing kindness, relentless expressions of His Love shown to us time after time after time. I am eternally grateful that He did not give up on me, even though many would have. And because I have received His love and patience, I want to show the same to others.

Patience, I think, is becoming more and more scarce in this instant world in which we live. We expect fast internet connections, fast food service, immediate results in a host of ways. It is important that we spend time with Jesus, learning of Him; and when His Love is within us, we will show His patience and His kindness towards others  in a world desperately in need of God’s Love.

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