In his description of the more excellent way of love, Paul lists first the importance  and then the characteristics of God’s Love. It is patient, kind, and humble, he said, and it’s not irritable and doesn’t bear a grudge.

“[Love] does not rejoice about injustice, but rejoices whenever the truth wins out,” he continues. 1 Corinthians 13:6 NLT“A God of Truth and without iniquity,” declared Moses in his song long ago. “Just and right is He.” And mankind, born into sin and with every man participating in sin, had no way to approach God, no basis of a relationship with God, only the prospect of death and an endless separation from God.

In His mercy and compassion, God arranged a plan to make possible the reconciliation of man with Himself. He offered us forgiveness, on His terms. The great difference between the forgiveness offered by God and the amnesty that man offers, is that while men suspend punishment and erase the offense from the books, God paid the punishment in full before erasing the offenses from His books. He did not suspend justice in His quest to bring mercy to fallen man; the full weight of justice fell upon His Son on the cross, and our sins, erased from His books, have been paid for in full.

The followers of Jesus, as they live out the Love of God in this broken world, bring with them the message that there is mercy with justice, forgiveness with truth, available now to mankind. The overwhelming mercy and forgiveness of God, and the individual mercies and forgiveness of His followers towards others have as their solid foundation the fully satisfied justice of God, won at terrible cost on the Cross of Christ.

Every man can now face the truth of his offenses, no matter how terrible. Justice has won, and the pardon is made available on this unchangeable foundation.



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