As we continue reading 1 Corinthians 13, Paul’s detailed description of both the supreme importance and the amazing characteristics of the Love of God which His followers share with Him, we come to  this phrase-“[Love] is always hopeful.”

Hope is such an important ingredient of love. When two people fall in love, the radiance of their hope shines brightly for all to see. Their hopes for a wonderful life together lift them out of their circumstances, even if their current conditions are dreadful.

The Love of God is also alive with hope, a hope more certain than any hope on earth, because it is based on the promises of God, Who is all powerful and Who cannot lie.  Human hopes can be disappointed, by things outside our control, and by the shortcomings of human nature itself; but those who hope in God will never be ashamed, never be let down.

This hope, Paul says, is an anchor for our souls. It does not mean there will be no storms; there will be storms, sometimes terrible storms. But the Love of Jesus, shared between His followers and Himself, is alive with a hope that keeps the soul grounded  in Jesus. Come what may, those that experience the Love of God never lose hope in Him.

Hope in God is also an integral part of the Love of God which we have for others. Having experienced the Love and Mercy of God, we have great hope in what He can and will do for others. This hope enables His servants to continue, even when everything seems hopeless.


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