“Love will last forever”, Paul said in his famous discourse on the importance and characteristics of love. He contrasted this with other spiritual gifts– prophecy, speaking in other tongues, and spiritual knowledge, which will be replaced when the time of perfection comes.This “time of perfection”, Paul says, can be likened to a child’s coming of age. All the thought processes and reasonings, and even our way of speaking, that were perfect for us as children–we leave them behind as we become mature adults, able to think, understand, and communicate in an adult world.

In this life, we see Jesus and His spiritual reality as a dazzling but puzzling reflection in a mirror. Our knowledge of Him, wonderful as it is, is yet perfect and incomplete.

But one day, we will see Him face to face. No longer will we see only His reflection; we will see Him. No longer will our knowledge of Him be limited by our mortal minds and understanding; we will know Him the same way that He now knows us.

And the Love of God, planted and nurtured in our hearts while we are yet on this earth and our vision of Jesus is yet imperfect, will then grow and multiply and grow richer and stronger throughout all eternity with Him– face to face.

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