The book of Romans is Paul’s detailed exposition of the Salvation of God, made available to all mankind through faith. And he starts with the groundwork that mankind, all of them, are desperately in need of salvation– are, in fact, by nature rebellious against God and defiant participants in wickedness.

The created world, says Paul, is a constant witness to both the Divine Nature and the Eternal Power of God.

As I write this, I am looking out over the Saint John River, the early rays of the morning sun highlighting the oranges, golds, reds, and yellows of a perfect fall morning. A gentle fog hangs in the air, and the river itself is a rich dark, silvery blue as it flows under the bridge and around the corner. The grass and evergreens provide a wonderful green backdrop for the blazing colors of the autumn trees.

All of this speaks of a great Lover of Beauty, a God with unlimited imagination and unlimited power to create, a generous God who puts His masterpieces everywhere.  For thousands of years, the seasons, each with its separate beauty, have been following one after another in a ceaseless rhythm by the Word of God.

The power of God is also seen in creation– rivers that push through every obstacle, cutting their own channels through solid rock on the way to the sea; and the clouds that carry billions of gallons of water from the sea back to the land that needs it. The power of a great storm and the energy contained in a bolt of lightning are both testaments to the amazing power of the Creator.

Yes, there is God. All who do not worship Him and obey Him are without excuse. Yet it is to these people, who have wilfully forsaken God, that the Salvation of God is offered through faith.



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