Having shown decisively that all men have come short of the glorious plan God has for them, that all have sinned, Paul sets forth the amazing truth that all men can now be declared right with God when we believe in Jesus Christ, the sacrifice set forth by God for the sins of the whole world.God has shown Himself to be completely just. He withheld judgment on many who had sinned, including them as beneficiaries of the coming sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. Forgiveness and righteousness is offered to all men, past, present, and future, through faith in the sacrifice and shed blood of Jesus Christ. God did not just pass over or excuse the sin of any; He gave His own, dearly beloved, only begotten Son as the sacrifice for all sins. And those who believe in Him are declared righteous with God.

“Mercy and truth are met together. Righteousness and peace have kissed each other,” sang the psalmist of old. (Psalm 85:10 KJV) In Jesus Christ, the Truth and Righteousness of God were completely fulfilled, and those who put their faith in Him find His Mercy and Peace which transforms our lives. In the single most astounding event the world has ever seen, God has been proven completely just, and man has been reconciled to God. Glory to God in the Highest and forevermore. Amen.

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