God has carried out perfect justice for the sin of the entire world, through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. And with the penalty for sin paid in full, He invites each and every man to accept a clean record by faith in Jesus Christ. All who believe in Him are declared righteous by God.The astounding Grace of God brings all men to a common level; not one can boast of anything we have done to make ourselves acceptable to God. We are acquitted, not by obeying the demands of the law, but by faith in the person and sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf. God has shown Himself to be not only the God of the Jews, but the God of the Gentiles as well; the Only True God invites both Jews and Gentiles into “good standing” before Himself only on the basis of faith, not of achievement.

So what now? Is the Law of God set aside? Can we forget about it completely? No, says Paul; when we have faith, we truly fulfill the Law of God.

And so we see that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, on behalf of all men, opens the door for all to enter into a right standing with God, through faith. The past is paid for, and we are offered a new start by faith. And this faith in Jesus Christ enables us to keep the Law of God, in a way that we could not before.

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