Paul had just put forth a brilliant word picture of the faith of Abraham– strong, unwavering, and glorious, built as it was on three pillars of the omnipotent power of God. And God counted this faith as righteousness– not Abraham’s works, not the sign of circumcision, but Abraham’s faith in God’s person and His character were the basis of God’s declaring “Abraham is My friend.”But when God declared Abraham righteous, Paul goes on to say, it was not just for Abraham’s benefit. This passage of scripture is not just a tribute to Abraham; it is an open invitation, a beacon of hope for us. The God Who declared Abraham righteous on the basis of his faith alone, will assuredly declare us righteous when we believe on Him, the One Who raised Jesus our Lord from the Dead.

And what of our sins, our failures, our lack of works pleasing to God? Jesus our Lord was handed over to die, to pay the price for our sins; and God has now raised Him to life from the dead, for the purpose of making us right with God. As in Abraham’s case, God has again done the impossible, and declared to us what He has done. All that is left for us is to enter in to His finished work by faith. The God Who raised His Son from the dead now raises from the dead those who believe in Him. The God Who calls into being that which does not exist now declares righteous those sinners who believe in Jesus our Lord.

Will we, like Abraham, stake our whole lives on an unwavering faith in God, despite all appearances, despite all attempts of the enemy to distract and discourage us? Will we, like Abraham, grow stronger in our faith, bringing glory to God?

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