Since we have been made right with God through the blood of Christ, Paul continues, Jesus Christ will most certainly save us from condemnation. For consider– while we were still His enemies, God offered His Son to die on our behalf to restore our friendship with God. And now, His Son is alive from the dead. Will He not much more save us now, through His life?God spared nothing, not even His own Son in making possible your salvation, my salvation, the salvation of every one of Adam’s children. With so much invested, how determined is He to see as many as possible come into eternal life with Himself? He didn’t spare His Son– will He refuse anything else that will further your relationship with Him? Will He turn His back on so great an investment in your soul?

The great Love and Sacrifice of God, and of Jesus Christ His Son has become the bedrock of our salvation. We are to be rooted and grounded in His Love, full of confidence in Him, in His Love, in His intentions towards us. And, when grounded in His Love, we can take root and grow into His mature children, in His image. We no longer have to live in the fear of His condemnation, for He has opened the door to eternal life; and with the cost He paid to do so, we are sure He will be with us and guide us to the end of our journey.

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