Paul moves on from addressing the individual failures of men who need the Salvation that comes from Jesus Christ, and describes the universal rule of death over all mankind. For when Adam wilfully disobeyed a direct command of God, he opened the door through which sin entered God’s perfect, brand new created world. And Adam, the original father of every man born on this earth, passed a legacy of sin on to each of his children.“In the day you eat thereof,” God had told Adam, “You will surely die.” And so, along with the sin that entered the world that day, death also entered; and the rule of death spread over every one of Adam’s descendants. Even before the Law was given, before there were written decrees of God which men either kept or disobeyed, sin and death ruled over the entire population of mankind.

That is why, even apart from our personal failings, we could never achieve life on our own. For all men were under the rule of sin and death. All men needed a Savior; and, a Savior did indeed come for all men. And, as we will soon discuss, the Savior brought universal forgiveness, universal life, to mankind that was universally sinful and under the rule and sentence of death.

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