Having declared that we, by our baptism into Christ, shared both His death and His resurrection, Paul pauses to both re-iterate and to explain the truth he has just declared. Our old, sinful lives were crucified with Christ on the cross, and the iron grip and absolute power that sin once held over us has been broken. No longer slaves of sin, we owe our emancipation to the fact that we died with Christ; and, having died with Christ, we are certain that we will also live with Him.What makes us certain of this new life? Christ’s resurrection! Having once submitted to death, having gone through the most terrible death voluntarily, Jesus Christ will never die again! Not ever! There’s not even a chance! He destroyed the power of death from within, with the result that both He and those who are His are forever free from death’s power. The rule of death, once universal in the world of men, has been broken.

Jesus died once to break the power of sin; He now lives forever, to the glory of God. And the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ have become the central themes of the Christian faith, the central experience of believers, our certain claim to victory over sin, and to eternal life. As we believe, we enter into the work He has done, and, in so doing, we bring glory to God.

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