Jesus Christ has fully satisfied all the requirements of the Law for us, for those who no longer follow our sinful nature, but instead follow the Holy Spirit. He has broken the stranglehold sin had on our lives, and has set us free from its power and its penalty; He did this by His death on the cross, where He took our penalty on Himself, and being sinless Himself, He destroyed the power of sin over the human race.So now, Paul says, it is possible to live a life dominated by the Holy Spirit of God, a life that was totally impossible before. But some continue to live, controlled by the old sinful nature. It comes down to a life or death decision– those who let the sinful nature control their minds, and thus their lives,  are headed for death. On the other hand, allowing the Spirit of God to control our minds leads to life and peace.

It is instructive in Romans 8:5-6 to see how important our minds  and our thinking are in deciding the direction of our lives. The control of the mind by sin leads to death; the control of the mind by the Spirit of God leads to life and peace.

So now that we are not under the condemnation of God, now that sin’s penalty has been paid and it’s power over us has been broken, one key question remains? To whom are we yielding control of our minds, and thereby our destinies?

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