We who belong to Christ, who live under the direction and control of His Spirit, receive from Him Life and Peace. What a contrast this is to our state before the work of Christ; at that time, we lived under the control of sin, and all we had to look forward to was death. Even though Jesus Christ has broken the dominion of sin and made possible true life by His Spirit, many do not yield to His Spirit, and so remain in death.When Adam sinned in Eden, he brought not only spiritual death but also physical death to all his descendants. We were all born into sin, and could look forward only to separation from God and finally, death and burial. But now that Christ lives within us, Paul says,  even though our bodies will still die because of the legacy of sin, Christ will, by His Spirit, give us life, because we have been made right with God.

That same Spirit of God, Who raised Jesus Christ from the dead, now lives in us. And God, Who raised His Beloved Son from the dead, will now give us His Life through His Spirit that lives in us. (See Romans 8:10,11)

This Life-giving Spirit of God, dwelling within us by faith, enables us to live free from the power of the old sinful nature that controlled us so long. We have, says Paul, no obligation to obey its urges any longer. If we, by the power of the Spirit of God, put to death the deeds of the sinful nature, we will live. The life and power of God has been made available to us, and the command of God to us is “Now Live!”

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