The amazing story of salvation continues. Not only has our just sentence for our sins been paid in full by Jesus Christ; not only has the power of sin over us been completely broken; not only have we been offered the Spirit of God to guide us into lives that are pleasing to Him; but also, we have been adopted into the family of God, and given the right to call Him “Daddy– Father.”It is a real, solid adoption we have been given, too. The Children of God become heirs of God, sharing that stupendous inheritance with Christ. We share the sufferings of Christ in this world, and we share His glory in the world to come.

And yet, Paul assures us, what we suffer now is nothing at all when compared to the glory that God intends to reveal in us. In fact, the whole creation is eagerly awaiting the revelation of the children of God.

We read in Hebrews that Jesus endured the cross “for the joy that was set before Him.” And His sufferings on the cross are something we will never be able to comprehend fully, yet the Joy He saw ahead enabled Him to endure. Even so, we are encouraged to look ahead to the Joy, the Glory of God, our inheritance when we share His sufferings in this world as the children of God. We are not asked to go through these sufferings alone as He did; Jesus has promised to be with us always “even to the end of the world.”

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