Paul goes on to say that all of Creation is eagerly awaiting the day when God will reveal His children. For when Adam sinned, the curse of God came upon the earth as well; and now the creation waits for the day when it, too, will be set free from death and decay.We too, as believers in Christ, having within us the Holy Spirit of God, yet live in bodies affected by sin and by suffering. We too, as children of God, await our full release and the new, resurrected bodies He has promised us. So we wait in hope, patiently and confidently, having a promise that has as yet not been fulfilled in us.

Faith, hope, and love– these three endure, Paul tells us in his great chapter on the love of God. By faith, we believe on Jesus Christ, and receive the Holy Spirit, and His promise of eternal life in resurrected bodies. Now, we live by hope, patiently and confidently, waiting for His fulfillment of that promise. And, as we do so, the love of God, shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, takes root and grows in our hearts and in our lives.

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