Included among the hundreds of prophesies of the coming Messiah in Israel’s Scriptures, there are many that foretold that the Christ would be the Son of God. He was to be the Son of Abraham, the Son of Isaac, the Son of Jacob, the Son of David– but also, very definitely, the Son of God.

“The King proclaims the Lord’s decree: the Lord said to Me: ‘You are My Son. Today, I reveal You as My Son.'” (Psalm 2:7 NLT)Image may contain: cloud, sky, mountain, outdoor and natureMary and Joseph, of course, knew that Jesus did not originate from this earth– that the baby in Mary’s womb was “The Son of the Highest.”  And there were a few others that knew, too; her cousin Elisabeth, for example.  But to most, Jesus was simply the son of Joseph. Certainly, by the age of twelve, Jesus Himself knew Who His Father was, yet He submitted to Joseph and Mary for another eighteen years before His ministry began.

On the day that Jesus was baptized by His cousin John in the Jordan River, God fulfilled the prophecy from Psalm 2, both literally and spectacularly. In a thunderous voice from Heaven, God announced, “This is My dearly loved Son, and  He brings me great joy!”

Jesus was not only a great and godly teacher; he was not only, as some truthfully called Him, the king of the Jews; He was indeed the only begotten Son of God. And upon this truth hangs our entire faith. God has entered the human race, and, from within it, brought us hope of Eternal Life, we who otherwise would have no hope.

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