“Everyone”, Paul tells us in Romans 10, “Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved. But how can they call on Him to save them, unless they believe in Him?” Verses 13,14 NLT.Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, snow, outdoor and natureSuch a simple question, but O how much hangs on the answer. For if I do not believe that I need to be saved, or if I do not believe that Jesus can save me, I will not call on His Name, and I will not be saved.

Jesus, while He walked this earth, healed a great many who were sick, or blind, or lame, or lepers, or demon possessed. They, of course, all knew their great need of healing, and were looking for someone to bring them relief. And whether they were carried to Him by friends, or sought Him out themselves, all believed that He could heal them. In fact, on several occasions, Jesus asked them to confess their faith in Him before He healed them.

Today, with the salvation of our souls at stake, we are given the Name of Jesus to call upon– the Only Name under heaven whereby we must be saved. Yet countless people do not call out to Him. Many do not believe they need Him. Many more, even while knowing their need for relief, have not heard of the Savior, or are not convinced that He is able or willing to Save them.

By Grace we are saved through Faith. Just so. For without faith, we will not call upon the Name of the Lord. But when we receive the gift of faith in Him, then we will call on His Name. And when we call, Grace Himself has promised to save us.

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