Having planned and carried out such a wonderful salvation, made available to all–both Jews and Gentiles– who will call on the Name of the Lord, God has made sure that the message has gone forth to the ends of the earth. In the closing verses of Romans 10, Paul quotes the Old Testament Scriptures to prove that the message went forth to Israel, who refused to believe, and to the Gentiles, who had not been looking for God.

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature“Who has believed our report?” was the cry of the prophet Isaiah, when he wrote his amazing prophecy of Jesus as the suffering Lamb of God, giving His Soul as an offering for sin, and rising in triumph to justify many.

And still today, that is the question on which eternity depends: “Who has believed our report?”

God’s Love is all around us. His Presence speaks from all creation. The word of His Salvation has gone out to the ends of the earth. And the word of faith is near, in our hearts and in our mouths. How abundantly God has made provision for all to believe and confess Him, to call on Him and be saved!

But we are given the warning of Israel’s response: “All day long, I opened my arms to them; but they were disobedient and rebellious.” Romans 10:21 NLT  Not everyone who hears the message will believe in Jesus Christ and confess Him as Lord. The choice is before us; eternity is in the balance.


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