Paul gave instruction to the Christians at Rome, that we are not to think ourselves better than we really are. Our self assessment should be honest, measured by the gift of faith which God has given us. We are, Paul said, like a body; each of the many parts of the body has a special function, and we all belong to each other.Image may contain: sky, tree, snow, outdoor and nature“In His Grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.” Romans 12:6 NLT

And so, like a human body, God’s church is made up of many members, each one with a special, God-given gift; each one, in fact, a gift from God to the other members and the body as a whole. We see at once why we are told not to overvalue ourselves; God has made each member for His specific purpose, with a unique gift.  To consider oneself better than another member of God’s church would be as misguided as a human eye considering itself more important than the hand, solely on the basis that it can see better.

God Himself is the important One; He is variously described as the Chief Cornerstone, the Master Builder, the Head of the Body. He, in fact is supremely important; and He alone can realistically value each individual member. In His Love and Mercy, He values each member far beyond what any human would value them; He loves, not only all His people, but each one personally. He gives each one a personal gift, a measure of their value in His sight, a benefit to the whole body and a glory to Himself as the Head. And when we stop looking around us and comparing ourselves to others, when we are all worshipping God Himself, we learn to value each other because each one is valuable to God.

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