God, Paul tells us, knew that man would never come to know Him by their own human wisdom. So He chose the “foolishness of preaching”, and He saves those that believe. The message of “Christ crucified” offended the Jews and appeared as nonsense to the Greeks, but to those whom God has called to salvation, it showed forth God’s power and wisdom. And so, the “foolishness of God” is wiser than the highest wisdom of man; the “weakness of God” is stronger than the mightiest power of men.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, twilight, outdoor and natureAnd what about those whom God has chosen? Very few have come from the ranks of this world’s intellectual elites, the powerful and wealthy of the world. From the world’s point of view, the majority of believers come from the poor, the uneducated, the powerless, the despised, the nobodies.

So God has taken these hopeless nobodies and completely confounded the rich and powerful and intellectuals of this world. The Roman emperor-gods could never understand or overpower the Christians who had no fear of death. The Roman church could not keep the Word of God out of the hands of the common people forever, as God’s humble servants risked everything to translate and distribute Bibles. The Reformation swept the world. Spiritual awakening and great revivals took place all over the world; millions of hopeless souls received new life in Christ, freedom from the power of sin.

God has chosen us, not because of what we have to offer Him, but because He has something to offer us. And when, by the Grace of God, we stand perfect and complete in His Presence, there will be no boasting; there will only be gratitude and praise.


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