Natural man, says Paul, cannot receive the truths of God; indeed, God’s truths seem like foolishness to them. Only by the gift of God’s Holy Spirit can we understand the spiritual truths of God.Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, twilight, outdoor and natureThe gift of God’s Holy Spirit to the believers can never be overestimated. God has undertaken to “bring many sons unto glory”; that is, He is adding many children to His Family. He wants us to be at home with Him and with His Son for all eternity, and we will never be at home with Him unless we share His “Family Spirit.”

The Holy Spirit of God brings us the “Mind of Christ.” By His leading, His encouraging, His correcting, we learn to see things the way God sees them and we learn to live as children of the Living God.

Jesus Himself, when He walked this earth, demonstrated the gulf between the Spirit of God and the spirit of men. How many times He said to His disciples “You have heard… but I say unto you….” He taught the blessedness of being poor in spirit, the divine  love that extends even to one’s enemies, the humble service of those who are truly great in the Kingdom of God. Natural men, those concerned with their own wealth and power and revenge could never understand Him. But those who have been touched by His Love and changed for ever, those who believe in Him and receive His Salvation, to us He gives His Holy Spirit to help us grow more and more in the image of Jesus Christ.

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