Continuing his comparison of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ to the diversity and harmonious working together of the parts of the human body, Paul says this; “But our bodies have many parts, and God has put each part just where He wants it.” 1 Corinthians 12:18 NLT

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In our human bodies, God has placed every member just where He wants it, and the result is truly astonishing. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” says the psalmist, and, in our hearts, we know he is right. The complexity, the perfection, the sheer creative imagination of God displayed in the most ordinary human being will bring the thoughtful observer to a state of awe and wonder.

God is no less creative, no less wonderful in the building of His Church. Here, too, he has placed each member exactly where He wants him (or her). It is easy to think that we have been overlooked, or that we could make a greater difference somewhere else. It can be easy to think that someone else has a greater gift than we do, that they are more important to the Church than we are.

But, Paul says, God has placed you right where He wants you. He has given you, or will give you, just the perfect Gift of the Holy Spirit that He has for you. So instead of looking at others, and wishing to be like them, instead of wishing to be somewhere else where we think we can make a greater difference, turn your eyes to Jesus, the Head of the Body. Thank Him for where He has put you, even now, and for what He has given you. Ask Him to direct you, to give you the perfect gift He has in store for you. And if there is a particular gift of the Holy Spirit that you desire, ask Him for that gift. The whole point is your relationship with Him; when you are right where He wants you in that relationship, He can use you in ways you never imagined, for the building up of His Church and for the growth of your own soul.

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