Just as a human body is made up of many members, each one placed in its perfect spot by God, yet all the members together make one perfect body, so God’s church is a perfect oneness, made of individual members each in his God-given place and performing his God-given function. Paul takes this one step further, illustrating our relationships to one another in the body of Christ.

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“The eye can never say to the hand ‘I don’t need you’. The hand can’t say to the feet ‘I don’t need you.'” 1 Corinthians 12:23 NLT.

This illustration puts into sharp focus the fact that individual members have no basis for deciding the necessity of other members. The eye can be hard at work while the hands are completely still; likewise, the hands can be hard at work while the feet rest. The working parts could be tempted to think the parts at rest are useless; but to the outside observer, and, most importantly, to the head, each part is essential in it’s function to the body as a whole.

Not only does the body as a whole need all of its members in the right place and performing the right functions, but individual members, at the direction of the head, help each other in time of need. The hands that were at rest while the eyes were at work are suddenly needed to delicately remove a piece of chaff that is irritating the eye. The resting feet are suddenly needed to help the hands reach something far out of reach.

As we come into harmony with Jesus, the Head of the Body, we come to rest in our position in the Body of Christ, right where He wants us. And we learn to value each other member of His Body, because Jesus values each member of His Body. The working together in harmony of the Body of Christ is a beautiful thing to behold; still better, to be a part of.

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